How Difficult Is Mardi Himal Trek

We at Nomadic Nepal offer the best service to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Nepal is a must for trekkers and travellers and offers some of the most beautiful places. Trek offers an adventure off the beaten track for those of us who like it quieter.

The trek takes you through Nepal’s most challenging trekking routes with breathtaking views of the Himalayas. You will cross rocky terrain, glacier paths, moraine valleys and much more.

The hike offers spectacular views of Annapurna I, II, III and IV, Mardi Himal, Machhapuchhre, Fishtail and Hiunchuli mountains. The hike leads through beautiful rhododendron forests and rich villages. This hike is somewhat rougher and less exciting than most, and much less busy than other hikes in the Annapurna region.

The hike is a short hike (5-10 days) and suitable for beginners. People rate it an easy walk, and one of the most straightforward, as the trail does not lead to any problematic places.

The trail takes you to the last village on a ridge called High Camp at 3,580m (map indicates 3,900m), which for most is the highest altitude to sleep at during the hike. The hike takes you to a height of 4,500 m, and as soon as you reach the viewpoint of Mardi Himal, the cold wind will touch your aching muscles. However, you will feel that the hike was more than worth it due to the breathtaking views of the mountains.

Wherever you stay, it is customary to make your way to the actual highlight of the hike, which is easy and called Upper View Point. Here you can decide to continue to the highest Mardi Himal base camp at 4,500 m. The $100 is worth it, as the ridge becomes more refined and more dramatic the higher you climb it.

Kande Siding is the most popular trekking route to the Mardi Himal base camp. The lower camp is divided into a route that leads up to the forest camp and one that leads to the side. After crossing dense forests, villages and diverse terrain to the base camp, the hike ends on the side of the village.

The Mardi Himal Trek is a hidden gem among the magnificent trekking opportunities that the Himalayan land of Nepal has to offer. This trek takes you to the quieter areas of Nepal’s Annapurna region, where you will see fewer other hikers and meet friendly locals along the way.

Mardi Himal is a challenging but beautiful 4-day hike through the Annapurna region that provides breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains. The Mardi Himal Trek Nepal Hiking Adventure takes you on a 4-day trek from East Annapurna to the trek’s base camp. You can start the Mardi Himal hike in Pokhara with a 6-7 hours drive from Kathmandu.

Since Mardi Himal is a high-mountain tour in a remote and rugged to access area of Annapurna Conservation Area, travel insurance is highly recommended. If you love adventure and are up to the challenges of the winter and monsoon season, then Mardi Himal Trekking should not be a problem for you. The Mardi Himal Trek can be done all year round, but the best time is during the spring and autumn season.

The months of March, May, October and November are the most popular walks on Annapurna Classic. If you like hiking, you can also plan to hike in September and December, which are the best times of the year. The base camp Annapurna can be climbed with various animals and bird species and is a world-famous mountain that people worldwide get to see.

We walk through villages, terraces, farming, forests, cross and hike along rivers and enjoy breathtaking views of Annapurnas, Machapuchare, Hinchuili, Mardi Himal and much more along the way. Follow the popular trekking route of Annapurna Base Camp Trek and many other popular short treks in Pokhara.

The Mardi Himal Base Camp is located at about 4500m, which corresponds to a very high altitude. If you do something to avoid altitude sickness, you can do the Mardi Himal Trek without difficulty. However, people with little Himalayan trekking experience will face severe challenges during this trek.

As mentioned in the above information, this does not mean that the difficulty of the Mardi Himal Trekking is more accessible than other trekking routes. If you do not have the necessary physical strength, the hike will be challenging for you. This is not a problem if you can walk on the path and not break your nose because it is too steep.

During high season, you can share your room with other hikers. If you are ill or happen to meet someone, it is tough to be alone in the mountains.

Make sure you have travel insurance for Mardi Himal Trek that covers essential costs such as helicopter rescue, medical expenses, natural disasters, travel cancellations and theft. You have to pay for the Annapurna trekking permit, which is $20 for solo hikers. It is a comfortable hike as you do not need to hire porters to carry your belongings.