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The Tsum valley lies in the northern part of Manaslu and was a restricted region until 2008. The Tsum valley trekking route and trails have been discovered not long ago which makes this region raw, undiscovered, and worth traveling to.

Tilicho Lake Trekking is one of the most attractive trekking destinations in Nepal which passes through some of the most prominent places in the Annapurna Region with the highlight of the trek being Tilicho Lake (4920m) itself. The trek to

Saribung Peak is quite popular among mountaineers and climbers because of the difficult passes and beaten paths associated with it. The peak is located within the Damodar Himalayan range, which is in the western region of Nepal. Saribung Peak climbing

Pikey Peak trek is the closest alternative to trekking in crowded Everest trail. This is newly introduced and less discovered trekking in the Everest region which offers the best of Sherpa culture and the Himalayan scenery. While the trek offers

Pachermo Peak Climbing is one of the most popular Trekkings and Climbing peaks in the Rolwaling region, Pachermo peak climb takes you through Rolwaling region trekking, Tashi Lapsa pass & Khumbu Himalayan trails. Pachermo peak 6187 m lies south of

Mera Peak is located at the head of the quiet and remote Hinku valley, an area of the Mount Everest region rarely frequented by trekkers or visitors. There are many approaches to Mera Peak Climbing; some are easy and some

Chulu West Peak is situated in the Annapurna and stands out as a great climbing destination for mountaineers and adventure seekers alike. Flaunting its snow-laden peak, it rises magnificently to mesmerize everyone raring to undertake the climb. Chulu West Peak